From scanning to design creation to dye sublimation printing, Manx, Inc. offers printing solutions for all of our customers.

Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye sub printing on polyester fabric is our specialty.  It provides the most vibrant and clear printing on fabric today.  We are capable of printing thousands of yards of a custom job, or even just five yards of a sample run.

Color Matching

Our color professionals are known to be among the best in the business.  We can spot color match any Pantone, artwork, paint chip or fabric swatch provided.

Color Correction

Manx has set up several profiles within our software to provide the best color match if we are printing directly from our customer’s files, whether it is a photo, artwork, or vector image.

Color Separation

If color matching is required, but the file is not separated into channels or spot colors, Manx can provide this service in order to get a more accurate color match.

Design Repeat Work

If a customer provides us with a single image, but would like to see it run on continuous yardage, Manx can provide the step and repeat work necessary to create an evenly spaced and well-flowing design.

Wide-Format and Flatbed Scanning

We can take any original artwork or concepts, and even woven fabrics, and scan them on our large format scanner to get the best image possible for a reproduction print on fabric.  We can scan up to 36” wide by 200” long.

Artwork Creation

Our graphic designers and textile artists have a combined 40 years experience.  We can take a concept from idea to printable design.  Contact us for a quote.


Manx has a state of the art spectrophotometer, which reads/scans color, to make sure we get the best initial reading of the color swatches we are matching to, and interprets it into our software.

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